Ronny Antares is a Chilean composer based in Sydney, Australia.
He began as autodidact at 5 years and in his teens is part of the rock band “Re1 / 2” as a composer and guitarist.
In 2003 he began his formal study of music composition at the music school of the SCD and continued his studies at the Arcis University where he obtained the scholarship “Talent and academic excellence.”

2004 created his first game ost to working to Bertesh (Paraguay).

2010 Ronny was nominated for best musical composer and sfx in FGL /, for his work on “Bunny Flag”.
PowerUp Music created in 2011, the first study focused on music, sounds and voices for video games Chile.

2015 highlights the work in “MonsterBag”, the first video game produced by SONY in Latin America (Chile)
Today has credits on more than 90 video games, working for companies such as Sony, Nickelodeon, Nestle, Kongregate, Armor Games and more.


Awards & Highlights

2015 - ChileMonos - 1º Place, Best Web Serie "Personas Cetaceas" (Fin Puch!)

Music for Animated Web Serie “Personas Cetaceas” developed by Marmota Studio

2013 - QuéVeo Awards - Audio Games

Winner in category Video Game for “Audio Games” Developed by Iguannabee.

2010 Nominated Best Music and SFX - Video Game "Bunny Flags"

Nominated on for the music and sfx for “Bunny Flags”, Video Game developed by Gamaga.

2003 to 2006 - Winner SCD Schoolarship "Talent and Academic Excellence"


“Working with Ronny Antares has strengthened the identity of our cartoons. He has adapted to our creative vision and always goes beyond, contributing creatively with new solutions and ways to solve and make the narrative more powerful in our productions. The quality and passion in his work, has made Ronny a fundamental part of our team.”

BERNARDITA PASTEN & MATIAS LATORRE / Founders w w w . m a r m o t a s t u d i o . c o m

“Working with Ronny has been critical for our business strategy. As we are focus on deliver the best game experience in the free flash game market, Ronny is the only one capable of delivering nor only quality, but passion and soul to the music in our games. Not only we are known by players for delivering amazingly well polished games but also they have related to Ronny’s music and we have a lot of fans of our games’ theme songs. Thanks, Ronny!.”

ROD CONTRERAS - CEO / Co-owner w w w . g a m a g a . c o m

”Excellent musician and sound designer, creative, proactive and responsible. His creations are sensational. Also very friendly, reliable and good relationships with others”

DANIEL WINKLER / Co-founder at IguanaBee w w w. i g u a n a b e e . c o m

“We have been working with Ronny Antares over the last couple of years doing lot of casual games for desktop, webgames and interactive advertising and working with him has truly been a pleasure. Ronny Antares always delivers high quality music, even when the time is short and he has to deal with little information about the project, the gameplay, the style, and other vital information. He has two great ears and lot of imagination when he has to compose music. He has pure talent and always deliver beyond our expectations!.”

”Working with Ronny is very nice, is a musician with whom I had easy connectivity, I believe communication is something elemental to work in teams and especially so the end result is very satisfying! Besides his work is amazing.”

RAUL VELAZQUEZ (ZEO) / Founder & CEO w w w . z e o a r t s . c o m


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